How to add Sitelink Extensions in Bing Ads

In this article, I will be discussing how to add site links Extensions in Bing Ads. Bing provides three major extension links, direction, and call. With help of extension users easy to reach and know more features about your website and services.

Here you can see a few examples of site links. when someone will type buy shoes few more site links are shown. There are most chances men will prefer to click on Men shoes and women will prefer to click on women’s shoes.

In 2012 Bing introduce a powerful extension with the name of the site link. Through which you can attach a few useful links with your ads. Sitelinks add ease to transparency between user and website.I

It’s very easy to add a site link extension in Bing just go to campaign >> Ad Group >> Ads choose Ad extension tab and click on create ad extension.

A new tab will be open with a few options as shown below snapshot. First, fill the Link Text, this text will be shown with search results in Bing search and fill the destination URL, this will be open your specific page. You can add up to 10 extensions according to bing ads, but I will suggest using 3 or 4 extension links.

Now, these added links will be shown with your PPC ads running on your campaign. But it’s very hard to track clicks by users on these links.

With help of site links, you can show additional important pages of your websites with your PPC ads. They can help site links if users have more options to click and go to their favorable page.

There are other extensions like call, through which users can call direct make a call or get the direction of your business from their current location. If you have any problem regarding Bing or AdWords extension, contact us on the below information we provide PPC setup and management setup services at reasonable prices.

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